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Mar 29

Spring Deals 2019

The spring deals of 2019 are here. I know that my family and I are always trying to find the best deals we can on every aspect of our lives. Springtime is a time of new growth and individuals shedding those winter months.
Oct 20

Why I Visit Durango

This time a year, everyone is so caught up with buying gifts and making food, but I often wonder how many people are thinking about spending quality family time.
Apr 22

5 San Diego Food Spots

My husband often visits San Diego in the spring for work.  This year I decided to take my family along for spring break week.  I previously wrote about 5 San Diego Favorites, but I have come to realize that San Diego has too much to offer. 
Jan 23

5 San Diego Favorites

There are many places to see and visit in San Diego, California.  Below are my five San Diego favorites while I’m in town.  One way to prepare for a trip is to plan out local hot spots, beaches, and restaurants. 
Jan 2

Travel Planning

Who goes out of town without travel planning?  We all need travel planning for a vacation or any outing that consists of more than two days. I don’t think our family has gone on a weeklong organized and planned a trip in 9 years.