• Introvert Vs Extrovert? Does It Matter?

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    Does your work consider whether you are an introvert or extrovert?  Honestly, it never crossed my mind until recently.  A previous employer labeled me, and I can’t seem to get passed it.  I ponder over the fact that my outlook on what matters the most about being successful in a job position has been tarnished.  Not only am I a woman in the workplace and a minority but, now I am considered a specific personality.

    Being an introvert or extrovert… does it affect a person’s work ethic?  My past experiences have taught me how to adapt and work with many individuals.  I have always considered myself to be a well-rounded human being.  I have believed myself to be reliable, trusted, and a hard worker.  My prior work history has shown that I am not limited to a specific industry or job.  But what are employers looking for?  How are they narrowing their search for the right candidate?

    Introvert Vs Extrovert?

    My Story

    Three years ago, I started work for a small company.  Within days of taking the job the owner asked me to take an online survey. Little did I know that the survey would label me with my employer.  It turned out it was a survey to decide if I was an introvert or extrovert.  The survey concluded that I was an extrovert.  I was then informed that the others in the office were introverts.  The subject befuddled me, and I realized then I had become labeled in my present workplace.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I was applying for jobs to pick up added work.  One business I applied with responded with a survey.  The survey was comparable to the one I took a few years ago.  However, the new survey concluded I’m an introvert.  Now I’m thinking to myself what am I?  Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

    Online Research for Introvert Vs Extrovert

    I’ve read on the internet about the differences on being an introvert or extrovert.  So, I wonder how am I showing up as both?  Was my survey affected by the mood I was in that day?  Can working from home change my feelings about being around others?  Or does being an introvert or extrovert really matter?  You can see why I am feeling conflicted over the issue.

    Summing up things regarding what I’ve read online regarding introverts and extroverts are that extroverts can run businesses and have the drive to become management.  Introverts like to work by themselves with minimal social interactions.  I know an extrovert who constantly receives instant gratification from social media, working around others, and staying quiet if not in a large group.  But I often wonder where the quiet time is to evaluate management decisions for their job, plan an agenda, or just enjoy the peacefulness of life. 

    I have started multiple businesses, trained and assisted co-workers, managers, and owners.  I’m still enjoying helping others and sharing what I know, but I don’t feel the constant need to be out or around others all the time.  I am content providing the financial reports, entering transactions, and contemplating the next move.  I like to talk through problems and I enjoy collaborations.  A few meaningful relationships mean more than lots of non-meaningful ones.  So, does this make me an introvert or an extrovert?


    After mulling over the recent outcome of my survey these past few weeks I don’t know if I have an answer or if I want one.  Ultimately, I know where I’ve been in life and I know where I’d like to be.  The work I will accomplish will make me into whatever I need to be so my goals are successful.  Therefore, if the work I put forth makes me an extrovert, then so be it.  My biggest concern is that employers get to know their employees before labeling them or viewing them differently if they are not like everyone else.

    Outspoken employees have an important role in a company; however, so do individuals who may not be as vocal.  Employers need to consider every employee an asset.  Society has made it difficult for individuals to just be themselves.  Labels like gender, race, disabilities, and even generational categories make it hard to apply for jobs.  By adding another factor when applying for a job only eliminates more great individuals.    

  • Bookkeeping Services

    Bookkeeping Services

    Some of my blog posts include affiliate links.  If you purchase an item from one of my links I may receive a commission.  Please read my disclaimer for more details.  

    Are you looking for a trusted and reliable virtual bookkeeper who cares about you and your business?

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    My Story

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  • Millennials, Generation Z, and Me

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    Growing up, the various generations were not a concern nor a known discussion.  I grew up as a Generation X with the notion you work, and you retire.  I’ve been working since the day I turned 16.  No one pushed me or said go get a job.  I had a friend in high school who had been working in the fast food industry. During a discussion she mentioned helping me get a job.  I went in for an interview weeks before turning 16 and voila I was a working teenager.

    Over the years of working I wanted to learn more.  Technology was growing, and I was as interested as the next person.  I often worked alongside individuals that were older or younger than me.  When I worked with individuals my age, I seemed to be the happiest.  Some of my employers made it difficult to be myself while working with Baby Boomers and Millennials.  I became more and more unsatisfied with each job after my 20s passed.

    Millennials, Generation Z, and Me

    My Role Raising Millennials and Generation Z

    I have step children that are Millennials and teenagers that are Generation Z.  I can understand why the two generations are placed in two categories.  Technology and times have evolved and changed with every generation which set the standards for their learning and growing abilities.  I wanted to work hard for my future to achieve what I never thought I could.  However, my generation has and is raising children while trying to figure out how to maintain a work life balance like the Millennials. 

    My Millennial step children stayed with their grandparents if they weren’t with their mother or us.  My Generation Z children stayed in after school care and with sitters.  These generations see their mothers and fathers both going to work to maintain a lifestyle that has now gone from basic needs to basic needs and technological needs.  Articles on the internet talk about the Millennial’s contribution to the economy.  Generation Z is just now beginning to enter the workforce.  My Generation X has begun the entrepreneurial path and has become the highest percentage in startup founders.

    Tech Armor Wireless Qi Car Charger and Phone Mount

    Trying to Fit in With Other Generations

    I once tried to fit in, and I attempted to be as conservative as the elders I worked with.  However, now I am also finding myself trying to fit in with the younger generations I raised.  The workforce has revolved around the new generations, but where do I fit in?  I am still working with the Baby Boomers exiting the workforce.  What people seem to forget is that people like me in Generation X are continuously learning and constantly using technology as a means of business.

    The talk has been about how to address the integration of the Millennials; however, no one has addressed concerns of where my Generation X fit.  Not only are we stepping into the Baby Boomer positions at work, but we are also interviewing with and answering to Millennials while taking on other positions.  Yes, the younger generations have grown up with technology, but my generation has been using technology for decades.  Generation X has evolved with the technologies that have afforded us the opportunities we’ve had in the workforce.

    Many Years of Work Ahead of Us

    Baby Boomers and Generation X are now working harder and longer years.  Not only are people living longer, but the once standard retirements and 401k contributions are becoming a thing of the past.  People are moving from job to job to accommodate layoffs and growth.  Investments are completed on an App.  Millennials want the freedom of working from home and working harder to work for themselves; however, individuals like myself are striving for the same.  I have created two businesses and I am working harder than ever to make a living. 

    As much as I don’t want to, I know that I will work at least two more decades.  I would love for my website and knowledge in bookkeeping and accounting to withstand that time, but with time come changes.  Regardless of our traits, knowledge, or expertise all generations must change with each era.  Social media, software, computers, and trends force all of us to adjust so we can continue to earn money.  I become older and fear for the future I once had years to think about. 

    LOFT Outlet

    Final Thoughts

    I remember WordPerfect for DOS the same way my children will remember Microsoft PowerPoint.  Eventually, the Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation X will all be working side by side.  We are fortunate to be living longer so each generation needs to look upon each other as an attribute.  I encourage business owners and co-workers alike to treat each other with respect.  If you are of the younger generations reading this don’t forget that you will one day be the older person at work that sits next to you now. 

  • 3 Simple Steps to Prepare a Monthly Budget

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    As I discuss in my post Personal Monthly Budget, it is essential to keep track of monthly expenses. Keeping a budget doesn’t have to be difficult.  Prepare a monthly budget by calculating your income and deduct expenses.  Some individuals know exactly what they earn and deduct their expenses from their income like clockwork.  Other individuals need a little more help. 

    If you stay on track, then I applaud you and encourage you to keep up the good work.  If you need help and struggle with a budget, then I’m here for you.  It only takes 3 Simple Steps to Prepare a a Monthly Budget.  

    3 Simple Steps to Prepare a Monthly Budget

    First, use my free personal monthly budget spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet is easy to fill out.  It gives you an area to total your income.  I provide a section with a list of expenses that individuals and households pay.  The last portion of the spreadsheet either shows excess income or a loss after expenses.

    Personal Monthly Budget

    Second, decide what to do with the additional income or loss.  If you end up with an additional income at the end of the month, it means you can pay off debt sooner, put more money in retirement, place money in an emergency savings account, and much more.  Now, if you prepare a monthly budget and realize that you have a loss at the end of the month you need to choose how you will supplement your income.  Some ways to increase your revenue are working a part-time job on your days off, Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround for as little as $3.95 a month, sell items you make on Etsy, or ask your employer for additional work. 

    Third, reevaluate your monthly budget spreadsheet.  It is imperative you check your monthly budget regularly because income and expenses change.  For instance, if you pay off a credit card, student loan, or vehicle you will have added income for the month.  However, if you lose a job or increase insurance payments, you will see a loss in income.  So, stick to your budget and review as needed. 

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    Don’t forget to give yourself a reasonable goal.  I suggest adding an emergency savings to your budget for those unexpected expenses.  Budgets are important to financial health, but they don’t have to be complex.  Use my free spreadsheet to get you started. 

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  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2018

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    The holidays snuck up on us once again!  I have put together some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals that are going on this week.  More and more people are shopping online instead of standing in line at the retail stores.  I started my blog at the end of last year and I received none of the deals that Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide.  So, if you are thinking of starting a blog, a new business, or enhancing your company I’m linking holiday deals below. 

    Please keep in mind that some of the links are not usable right away.  

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

    Business Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

    ConvertKit has a huge promotion going on Cyber Monday ONLY.  For those of you that don’t know what ConvertKit is, it is an email service provider with automation capabilities. 

    The promotion is for all of you beginners out there.  The Creator Start Kit is only $289 and will include:  

    • 12 months of ConvertKit for up to 1000 subscribers
    • CreatorPass Pro – a suite of education and resources for creators
    • 90-day trial of the Teachable course platform
    • Six plug-and-play visual automation templates that can be copied directly into a ConvertKit account
    • Ebook of Authority: A step-by-step guide to self-publishing written by Nathan Barry, CEO and Founder of ConvertKit
    • I Am A Blogger coffee table book (a physical copy) – link to book

    Find the ConvertKit Cyber Monday deal here on November 26th only.

    Paychex is excited about finishing the 2018 year strong.  The payroll, human resource, and benefit outsourcing company is giving all of their new clients 3 FREE Months of Payroll Processing.  This is huge, so click on the link below to sign up today! 

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Paychex

    SiteGround a web hosting company is having a 75% sale from November 23 – November 26 on all annual shared hosting plans. If you were thinking about starting a blog or a hosted website now is the time.  Go here for your discount starting November 23.  To learn how to sign up go to my post How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround.

    Web Hosting

    Retail Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

    I partner with some wonderful brands that sell anything from clothes, electronics, magazines, furniture, calendars, and much much more.  Shopping and looking for the best deals during the holidays takes time, so I’ve compiled a list just for you!  These are companies I purchase from and use.

    Barnes and Noble online sale is starting November 22 through November 25.  The New Nook Tablet 10.1” is only $129.99.  Besides the Nooks Tablet they are also offering a 50% off of bestsellers, collectibles, picture books, DVDs and much more.  Find your deals at Barnes and Noble’s here.  Don’t forget that Barnes and Noble now offers the option to buy online and pickup in store

    New NOOK Tablet 10.1: A tablet designed with you in mind, starting at $129.99. Available only at Barnes & Noble, in stores and online.

    We all know Best Buy is a one stop shop for many people with a holiday list.  First off Best Buy is offering Free Shipping on everything all season long.  Second, they are giving $50- $150 off of the latest iPhone models.  Finally, there are deals on appliances, tables, cameras, computers, DVDs, headphones, software, televisions, and many more.  Go to Best Buy and start your holiday shopping. 

    Calendars.com is running their online sale now through November 30.  Use the Code BIGSALE25 to get 25% off $25 +Free Shipping.  Use Code NOVMADNESS to receive $5 off $30 + Free Shipping.  Go to Calendars.com to find calendars, coffee mugs, games, toys, puzzles, and various holiday gifts.    

    Charlotte Russe has multiple sales going on this week.  Pick the best one for your holiday shopping below:  

    Free Ship No Min Online at Charlotte Russe. Valid 11/21-11/28 at 3 am EST.

    Black Friday! Entire store $20 and Under & Free Shipping No Minimum at Charlotte Russe. Valid 11/21- 11/24

    Cyber Sunday – Cyber Tuesday!40% off Reg (excludes Beauty), 20% off Sale Online at Charlotte Russe. Valid 11/25-11/28 at 3 am EST.

    Gourmet Gifts wants you to enjoy 10% off your purchase with coupon Code GOURMET.  Click here to send wonderful gourmet treats to family and friends.

    Black Friday: 15% off any order or 20% off $50+ orders! Use code BLACKFRIDAY 11/20-11/25

    Cyber Monday: 20% off sitewide! Use code CYBERMONDAY 11/26-11/27

    Loft Outlet is running 50-70% Off +an Extra 15% with use Code HOORAY15 starting November 22-November 25.

    The Black Friday Sale: 50-70% Off Almost Everything. Valid 11/22 at 12am – 11/24 at 11:59pm

    Extra 15% Off Your Purchase with code: HOORAY15. Valid 11/25 at 12am – 11/27 at 11:59pm

    Loft is giving Free Shipping and 50% off your purchase on Cyber Monday.  Use Code CYBER from November 25–November 27.   

    Black Friday: 50% Off Your Purchase with code: FRIYAY. Valid 11/23 at 12am – 11/24 at 11:59pm

    Cyber Monday: 50% Off Your Purchase + Free Shipping with code: CYBER. Valid 11/25 at 12am – 11/27 at 11:59pm

    Rose Gal is having a huge sale with Free Shipping worldwide and sales up to 90% off.  Click the link below:

    SodaStream now has 20% off for First-Time Buyers and Free Shipping on any purchase $50+.  If you were on the fence on what to buy yourself for the holiday now is the time to take advantage of their offer by going here. 

    SodaStream USA, inc

    World Market is running a 40% off + Free Shipping on $200+ off furniture now through November 25.  Use CodeFURNDEAL here.  From November 21–November 25 World Market’s Black Friday Deals are 60% off here.   

    Zoobooks is running a 2-for-1 Thanksgiving Special – Buy 1 Magazine Subscription and Give another FREE!  Only $29.90 for Both Subscription plus free gifts and digital edition.  The deal runs through November 29.  Click here for this special deal. 

    2-for-1 Thanksgiving Special from Zoobooks.com – Buy 1 Magazine Subscription and Give another FREE! Only $29.90 for Both Subscription plus free gifts and digital edition.

    Remember not to get carried away this holiday season.  Spend what you can and budget your gift giving.  Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving week!