Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

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Are you looking for a trusted and reliable virtual bookkeeper who cares about you and your business?

How can I help your business?
I help owners of service-based businesses achieve free time for business 
management. As an entrepreneur or small business owner you are 
constantly wearing multiple hats. I take care of your bookkeeping for you 
so you can work on your profits.

The bookkeeping services I include are:
– Bookkeeping with QuickBooks
– Catch up bookkeeping

With your cooperation on a monthly basis I will:
– Reconcile your bank accounts
– Generate an income statement
– Generate balance sheet
– Collaborate via secured email
Packages will vary based on individual needs.  A review of business 
information will be completed before a price is determined.

Clients I work with:
– Modern service-based businesses with revenues greater than $300k
and companies in their beginning stages that are looking for monthly bookkeeping.
– Businesses who are tech-savvy, work well with paperless data 
exchange, and can communicate via email efficiently and effectively.

Some service-based businesses I’ve worked with include:
Business Consultants
Website Designers
Tattoo Shops

The benefits you will receive by contacting me:
1)  A professional who appreciates your time and values your business.  
2)  Free time to focus on your business, yourself, and your family.
3)  Collaborate virtually with a dedicated and qualified individual.

I don’t include:
– Payroll services
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My Story

While staying home with my daughter during her recovery for a spinal fusion, I realized that I am good at helping others achieve their business goals; therefore, I started Navigate with Price LLC. I have experience and expertise in business, bookkeeping, and accounting. My experiences afford me the opportunity to assist others in maintaining a businesses financial health while my degree allows me to enhance the expertise I already obtain. If you are starting a new business, looking for some professional help, or if you are looking to take additional work off your daily agenda then contact me for your bookkeeping services needs!

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