Category: Income

Aug 23

Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt is a constant topic.  Whether you have a home, car, property, credit cards, or student loans you have debt if you still owe payments.  Unfortunately, debt can sneak up on individuals and families quite unexpectedly.
Aug 21

The Best Ways to Save Money for the Holidays

Holiday gifts and family activities add up during holiday months; therefore,  I have listed some of The Best Ways to Save Money for the Holidays.  Reviewing your budget before cutting costs encourages better spending in areas that you may have exceeded in previous months. 
Mar 8

Personal Monthly Budget

There are many topics that I could sit down and write about at this moment; however, the last few days have made me realize that I need to talk about monthly budgeting.
Jan 9

5 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Income

My husband and I co-own a small business.  I had been working two jobs up until last year when I decided to stay home during my daughter’s surgery.  Although I still work for my businesses, I have left all other regular hourly jobs.