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Oct 27

The Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

What are the best holiday gifts for co-workers? Some people find this a painful task because hey do you really know your co-worker. But, then suppose you have known your co-workers for a long time and picking out a holiday gift isn’t that terrible.
Oct 7

Top 10 Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping tips can be too simple for some or overwhelming for others. I have listed 10 tips that are pertinent information when starting a new business. Implementing a routine with the tips below will simplify your bookkeeping duties.
Jun 29

3 Reasons Why You Need a Bookkeeper All Year

In every industry, you learn what months or seasons are your busiest and which are your slowest. For instance, working with my husband in the automotive business we know that business picks up during income tax season and begins to slow down when the weather gets cooler, and children go back to school.
Jun 26

E-Commerce Drop Shipping

Make sure what you drop ship is a benefit to you.  Don’t forget that when you decide to drop ship items you want to make sure that the item you sell is cost-effective. 
Feb 26

3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify

Pricing, selling, and resources are 3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify.  Included in Shopify's great pricing, are tools that sell and promote products.  Shopify has been a useful platform that has allowed us to grow our business and expand our products to potential customers we would not typically reach.
Feb 9

9 Initial Steps to Start a Business

My husband and I started an automotive business in 2010.  It grew from an online website to an online site and a local shop three years later.  I’ve been working in the background of the business taking care of the bookkeeping while my husband has been the face of the company working with the day to day management.