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Oct 7

Top 10 Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping tips can be too simple for some or overwhelming for others. I have listed 10 tips that are pertinent information when starting a new business. Implementing a routine with the tips below will simplify your bookkeeping duties.
Sep 23

Affordable Fall Ideas

Affordable fall ideas are everywhere, but my fall purchases remind me of a time and a place. My immediate thoughts of fall were apple picking with my children when they were young.
Sep 16

Inexpensive Gifts for Kids

Inexpensive gifts for kids are often hard to come by. Manufacturers sell a wide variety of toys, books, and games online and in-store. However, when we look for deals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are getting a worthy product.
Aug 23

Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt is a constant topic.  Whether you have a home, car, property, credit cards, or student loans you have debt if you still owe payments.  Unfortunately, debt can sneak up on individuals and families quite unexpectedly.
Jun 29

3 Reasons Why You Need a Bookkeeper All Year

In every industry, you learn what months or seasons are your busiest and which are your slowest. For instance, working with my husband in the automotive business we know that business picks up during income tax season and begins to slow down when the weather gets cooler, and children go back to school.
Jun 26

E-Commerce Drop Shipping

Make sure what you drop ship is a benefit to you.  Don’t forget that when you decide to drop ship items you want to make sure that the item you sell is cost-effective. 
Apr 24

How Tailwind Helped My New Blog

Tailwind helped my new blog within a few short months. My Pinterest account went from zero monthly viewers to 6.7k monthly viewers. Tailwind offers a Free Trial period and low monthly pricing for those who want to grow their views. I took advantage of it, you should too.
Apr 22

5 San Diego Food Spots

My husband often visits San Diego in the spring for work.  This year I decided to take my family along for spring break week.  I previously wrote about 5 San Diego Favorites, but I have come to realize that San Diego has too much to offer. 
Mar 8

Personal Monthly Budget

There are many topics that I could sit down and write about at this moment; however, the last few days have made me realize that I need to talk about monthly budgeting.
Feb 26

3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify

Pricing, selling, and resources are 3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify.  Included in Shopify's great pricing, are tools that sell and promote products.  Shopify has been a useful platform that has allowed us to grow our business and expand our products to potential customers we would not typically reach.