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May 20

Semi-Annual Bookkeeping Tips

Semi-annual bookkeeping concerns slow down during the summer months. Every year I see a drop in business owners and entrepreneurs interested in their bookkeeping and accounting during the summer months.
Apr 29

What Does Work-Life Balance Mean to You?

For myself saying the term work-life balance often seems comical. My parent’s generation stayed at their job long term for retirement and stability purposes. So, it wasn’t a surprise for me to grow up feeling the need to work and take care of myself and my needs. However, as I had children, I struggled to balance being a mother, a wife, and an employee. How do we do balance all of it and stay sane?
Mar 29

Spring Deals 2019

The spring deals of 2019 are here. I know that my family and I are always trying to find the best deals we can on every aspect of our lives. Springtime is a time of new growth and individuals shedding those winter months.
Nov 2

Buy Keurig Coffee Makers

In 2011 I was first introduced to the Keurig coffee maker. I went out to Louisiana in the fall to visit my aunt. I drank coffee in the morning and the afternoon which was not a standard for me.
Oct 27

The Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

What are the best holiday gifts for co-workers? Some people find this a painful task because hey do you really know your co-worker. But, then suppose you have known your co-workers for a long time and picking out a holiday gift isn’t that terrible.
Oct 20

Why I Visit Durango

This time a year, everyone is so caught up with buying gifts and making food, but I often wonder how many people are thinking about spending quality family time.