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Welcome to Navigate with Price!

My name is Christa, and I am the owner of Navigate with Price.  Besides my website and virtual bookkeeping services, I co-own an aftermarket automotive company with my husband.  Life has kept me busy, and I am happy and proud that my children encourage me to continue to follow my dreams.

I grew tired of working for other employers after 26 years, so I started my business Navigate with Price.  My two teenage daughters have scoliosis.  One of my daughters underwent a spinal fusion in 2017.  My youngest daughter has autism, they diagnosed her at age three. 

Continuously, I worked and tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle for my children, but my daughter’s surgery in 2017 made me realize that there has to be more to life… I was working, sometimes two jobs, and taking care of my children.  My children are now old enough to help me, but my continuous goal is to spend more time with them and make sure they are working toward their goals for a long and prosperous life. 

I never imagined that I would discuss things I knew, but then I realized expertise and experiences give a person something to say.  

I am eager to encourage others to start their business. 

Offer service based businesses bookkeeping services.

Provide tips for discount shopping and money-saving ideas.

Share knowledge about known companies and services that support businesses.

Personal health and family life. 

And much more.

Starting this blog is a new journey for me, and I look forward to the road ahead.  For a closer look into My Story read Why I Began My Blogging Journey.  

Christa Price

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