3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify

3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify

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Pricing, selling, and resources are 3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify.  Included in Shopify’s great pricing, are tools that sell and promote products.  Shopify has been a useful platform that has allowed us to grow our business and expand our customer reach.  Besides Shopify being an e-commerce platform that enables a company to sell products online, it also includes the selling of products on social media, in a store, or on an app.

3 Reasons Why I Use Shopify

Shopify Pricing Option

When I first started using Shopify, I joined with a 14-day free trial.  What I liked most about the trial period is that I didn’t have to submit a credit card.  After using Shopify for the first two weeks and finding out how easy it was to use I purchased the Shopify everything you need to grow a business package for $79 a month.  Therefore, my business uses the Shopify app for point of sale payments online and in person.  Shopify offers entrepreneurs three monthly options.

Shopify Selling Options

Shopify offers templates for free and for purchase.  The templates make it very easy to add products.  Most importantly their customer service is an excellent resource.  Shopify offers a point of sale option for online and in stores.  Shopify gives you the opportunity to sell your items on Pinterest, Facebook, and Amazon.

Shopify Resource Options

Some of the resources available to entrepreneurs are how to sell your products, video and podcast guides, free stock photos, and an app store.  If you have the money and feel more comfortable Shopify has experts that you can pay for assistance in setting up and designing your store.  The online store section of the Shopify dashboard allows blog posts.  Shopify also has a help center available for any additional inquiries.

My post 9 Initial Steps to Start a Business is available to help those just thinking of starting a business.  Consider all of your options and choose the right platforms and applications that make it easy for you.  I’ve been working in business and finance a long time.  Shopify, WordPress, SiteGround, and many others work for me.  Find what works for you!

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