Year: 2018

Nov 2

Buy Keurig Coffee Makers

In 2011 I was first introduced to the Keurig coffee maker. I went out to Louisiana in the fall to visit my aunt. I drank coffee in the morning and the afternoon which was not a standard for me.
Oct 27

The Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

What are the best holiday gifts for co-workers? Some people find this a painful task because hey do you really know your co-worker. But, then suppose you have known your co-workers for a long time and picking out a holiday gift isn’t that terrible.
Oct 20

Why I Visit Durango

This time a year, everyone is so caught up with buying gifts and making food, but I often wonder how many people are thinking about spending quality family time.
Oct 7

Top 10 Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping tips can be too simple for some or overwhelming for others. I have listed 10 tips that are pertinent information when starting a new business. Implementing a routine with the tips below will simplify your bookkeeping duties.
Sep 23

Affordable Fall Ideas

Affordable fall ideas are everywhere, but my fall purchases remind me of a time and a place. My immediate thoughts of fall were apple picking with my children when they were young.
Sep 16

Inexpensive Gifts for Kids

Inexpensive gifts for kids are often hard to come by. Manufacturers sell a wide variety of toys, books, and games online and in-store. However, when we look for deals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are getting a worthy product.
Aug 23

Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt is a constant topic.  Whether you have a home, car, property, credit cards, or student loans you have debt if you still owe payments.  Unfortunately, debt can sneak up on individuals and families quite unexpectedly.
Aug 21

The Best Ways to Save Money for the Holidays

Holiday gifts and family activities add up during holiday months; therefore,  I have listed some of The Best Ways to Save Money for the Holidays.  Reviewing your budget before cutting costs encourages better spending in areas that you may have exceeded in previous months.