• Why I Began My Blogging Journey

    After all this time I realized that I haven’t discussed with you why I started my blog. For those of you that have read My Story page it is a synopsis of my life.

  • Buy Keurig Coffee Makers

    In 2011 I was first introduced to the Keurig coffee maker. I went out to Louisiana in the fall to visit my aunt. I drank coffee in the morning and the afternoon which was not a standard for me.

  • The Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

    What are the best holiday gifts for co-workers? Some people find this a painful task because hey do you really know your co-worker. But, then suppose you have known your co-workers for a long time and picking out a holiday gift isn’t that terrible.

  • Why I Visit Durango

    This time a year, everyone is so caught up with buying gifts and making food, but I often wonder how many people are thinking about spending quality family time.

  • Top 10 Bookkeeping Tips

    Bookkeeping tips can be too simple for some or overwhelming for others. I have listed 10 tips that are pertinent information when starting a new business. Implementing a routine with the tips below will simplify your bookkeeping duties.

  • Affordable Fall Ideas

    Affordable fall ideas are everywhere, but my fall purchases remind me of a time and a place. My immediate thoughts of fall were apple picking with my children when they were young.

  • Inexpensive Gifts for Kids

    Inexpensive gifts for kids are often hard to come by. Manufacturers sell a wide variety of toys, books, and games online and in-store. However, when we look for deals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are getting a worthy product.